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Protecting Your Intellectual Property In The Entertainment Industry

The Lovell Firm is backed by one of the most respected entertainment and intellectual property lawyers in Los Angeles. We are uniquely positioned to combine our knowledge and passion in both of these areas of law to protect those in the California entertainment industry who are trying to bring their ideas to life.


When you write material for a project, whether it is a script or a novel, you need to be cautious of copyright infringement and idea theft. Without proper protection, your words and ideas could be stolen by other parties. You also need to be particularly aware of the terms of any contracts you have with the production company for the rights to your content.


Proper securing of all intellectual property rights, clearances, releases, disclaimers for defamation/privacy/misappropriation can become issues that may jeopardize an entire production. Producers should make sure that all intellectual property (IP) associated with the project is registered, while constantly monitoring to be sure it is not stolen/misappropriated. You also need to consider contracts for merchandising, royalties, licensing and other business decisions that may affect your IP rights.


If you act, sing, paint or perform, you need to ensure that you are receiving the royalties that were agreed upon and that no one is using your creative property without your permission. Many artists are taken advantage of or even have their work stolen, and they don’t receive the recognition or compensation they deserve for their creations.


During a film project, filmmakers may be at risk without the proper protections in place in their employment contracts, co-production arrangements, acquisition agreements, licenses, clearance and other documents. If you are an independent filmmaker, make sure you have secured all rights and authorizations to produce your show, as well as worked out all terms with partners and co-producers to prevent creative/business problems down the road.

Social media influencers

Social media is the platform of the future, and entertainers on the internet rely on their online brand to make a living. When someone steals your photos, name or likeness, it could severely tarnish what you have worked so hard to build. Social media influencers need to be especially proactive to protect their content from infringement on the web.

We Stand By Your Intellectual Property

The biggest parts of intellectual property protection are proper agreements documenting ownership/use of the various rights, proper recording/registration if applicable, and enforcement. The Lovell Firm not only walks you through the process of securing your intellectual property, but will take immediate and aggressive action when that property is stolen or otherwise infringed upon.

Call our office at 877-235-3938 to schedule a consultation with our renowned media law attorney or reach out to us online to make your appointment. When your intellectual property is on the line, you can’t afford to wait any longer to get started.

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