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Tre Lovell Discusses P. Diddy Case:


Tre Lovell Breaks Down Next Phase Of Trump Hush Money Trial:


Tre Lovell Discusses Guilty Verdict In The Armorer’s Trial Centering Around The Alec Baldwin Shooting On “Rust” Set:

Tre Lovell Talks About Alec Baldwin’s Indictment Regarding The Shooting On The Rust Set:


Tre Lovell Analyzes The Legal Aspects Of The Alec Baldwin Shooting:


Tre Lovell Discusses Matthew Perry Estate:


Tre Lovell On The Kevin Costner Divorce Settlement:


Tre Lovell Talks About New Evidence In Alec Baldwin Rust Shooting:


Tre Lovell Talks About “Coffee” Lawsuit Among ‘Yellowstone’ Cast:


Tre Lovell Discusses The Hall & Oats Lawsuit:


Tre Lovell Discusses Robert DeNiro Credibility In Emotional Abuse Lawsuit:


Tre Lovell Discusses The Gwyneth Paltrow Ski Trial:

FOX LIVENOW: Tre Lovell On The Kevin Spacey Verdict And His Future In Hollywood:

FOX LIVENOW: Tre Lovell Discusses The Legality Of The Cardi B Mic Throwing Incident:


Tre Lovell Talks About The Trump Defamation Case:

USA TODAY: Tre Lovell On The Difficult Nature Of The Danny Masterson Re-Trial:

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Tre Lovell On The Conviction of Danny Masterson:


Tre Lovell Breaks Down The Dominion Systems Voting Case Against Fox:

NTD News:

Tre Lovell Discussing Fallout of Blackstone Freeze On Investors:


Tre Lovell Discusses Alec Baldwin And Advising Celebrities:


Tre Lovell Discusses Charges In Alec Baldwing Shooting Case On Rust:


Tre Lovell Talks About Border Patrol Officer Murder Trial:


Tre Lovell And The Effects Of Drugs And Testifying Witnesses:


Tre Lovell Discusses Right To Self-Defense In The Extreme Skier Murder Trial:


Tre Lovell Analyzing State Of Mind Importance In Extreme Skier Murder Case:


Tre Lovell Analyzing Repercussions of Alex Jones/Sandy Hook Defamation Verdict:


Tre Lovell Not Surprised From Alex Jones Billion Dollar Verdict:

Banfield – Newsnation

“Tre Lovell Is Interviewed About Will Smith and Chris Rock Slap Incident at the Oscars”

Tre Lovell On Weinstein’s Conviction Being Overturned And New Trial:

Tre Lovell Discusses Alec Baldwin’s Critical Hearing To Dismiss Charges In The Rust Shooting Trial:

Banfield – Newsnation

“Tre Lovell is interviewed for his representation of 20 victims in the lawsuit against the Shark Tank stars Kevin O’Leary and Kevin Harrington.”

Ktla Channel 5 News

Mr. Lovell was interviewed for his representation of Daun Slagle, who sued A&E and Lifetime for defamation based upon her alleged depiction of her in “The Happy Face Killer” movie.

Tre Lovell Analyzes Legal Implications Of AI Generated Nude Photos Circulating At School:

Univision 34

Provided legal analysis for entertainment story involving Pablo Escobar.

Associated Press

Tre Lovell discussed the Taylor Swift Case.

Tre Lovell Represents Univision Reporter Paco Fuentes In The Highly Publicized Case Against Mexican Film Superstar Eduardo Yanez.


KNX News:

Tre Lovell Discusses The SAG/AFTRA Strike:

KNX News:

Tre Lovell Discusses Status And Future Of SAG/AFTRA Strike:
Interviewed on the Raw and Real Show Podcast

Interviewed on the Bill Alexander Show

Press Articles

Tre Lovell Tears Down Trump Lawsuit Against Pulitzer Board

Tre Lovell Breaks Down In Great Detail The Nuances Of Charging Alec Baldwin For The Rust Set Shooting

Tre Lovell Discusses Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Impact Statement In Danny Masterson Sentencing

Tre Lovell Interviewed About The Danny Masterson Sentencing

Tre Lovell On Donald Trump’s Continuing Statement On E. Jean Carroll Defamation Cases

Tre Lovell On “The Blind Side’s” Michael Oher’s lawsuit Against The Tuohy Family”

Tre Lovell Comments On GiGi Hadid’s Arrest In The Cayman Islands

Tre Lovell On Tucker Carlson’s Cease And Desist Issues With Fox News

Tre Lovell Interviewed Regarding Key Changes In The Re-Trial of Danny Masterson

Tre Lovell On The Legal Risk Of Donald Trump’s Social Media Posts About E. Jean Carroll

Tre Lovell On The Ed Sheeran And Marvin Gaye Copyright Infringement Trial

Tre Lovell Interviewed About Effects Of Dropping Charges Against Alec Baldwin

Tre Lovell On YouTube’s Immunity From Suit In Suit Against YouTube Star For Abuse

Tre Lovell Comments On Importance Of Donald Trump’s Live Testimony At Jean Carroll Trial

Tre Lovell On The Significance Of Trump Attending Jean Carroll Defamation Trial

Tre Lovell Discusses Value Of Gwyneth Paltrow Taking Her Case To Trial

Tre Lovell Comments On Gwyneth Paltrow Winning Her Ski Trial

Tre Lovell Talks About The Cast Defamation Suit On “Real Housewives Of The Potomac”

Tre Lovell On Why Nintendo Is Adamant On Restricting Fan Mods In the Videogame World

Tre Lovell On Alec Baldwin Charges In Rust Shooting

Tre Lovell On The Nuances Of Charging Baldwin For Criminal Negligence

Tre Lovell Explains Universal’s Movie Trailer Lawsuit

Tre Lovell On Prospects Of Prince Harry Suing Netflix For Depiction In Netflix’s “The Crown”

Tre Lovell Discusses Victim’s Legal Rights In Netflix’s Show About Jeffrey Dahmer

Tre Lovell On Challenge For Kanye West To Secure Legal Counsel

Tre Lovell On Effects Of “Winnie The Pooh” Entering The Public Domain

Tre Lovell And Vanessa Bryant Lawsuit Over Unauthorized Release Of Kobe Death Site Photos
Tre Lovell On Potential Effect of Trump’s New York Fraud Lawsuit

Tre Lovell Discusses Criminal Case Against Alex Baldwin

Tre Lovell Interviewed About Vanessa Bryant Victory Over Leaked Photos

“Internet Defamation: Rampant With Very Little Recourse”

“Limit Your Liability”

“Who’s Liable For Your At-Home Work Out Injury”

Entrepreneur Spotlight: One On One With Elite Litigator Tre Lovell

Interview with Hollywood Celebrity Attorney Tre Lovell

The Go-To Lawyer In Hollywood

Tre Lovell Interviewed in NBC News article about Taylor Swift

Prominent Attorney Tre Lovell Files $50 Million Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo On Behalf Of Multi-Million Dollar Dougher Trust

Tre Lovell interviewed by Bloomberg Media about the Led Zeppelin “Stairway To Heaven” Copyright Case

Tre Lovell regarding current status of music infringement litigation: To Have Copied Or Not To Have Copied, That Is The Question For The Jury

Tre Lovell Comments On Harvey Weinstein Criminal Case in THE GUARDIAN

Writing Duo Taps Prominent Entertainment Attorney Tre Lovell To Represent Them In Their Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Oprah Winfrey Over The Television Show ‘Greenleaf’.

Oprah Winfrey Sued by Pastor Over ‘Greenleaf’ TV Series.

Tre Lovell Comments On Nicki Minaj Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Tracy Chapman

Entertainment litigation attorney Tre Lovell discusses Taylor Swift’s upcoming court case, in which the pop star alleges she was groped by a Denver radio host.

Tre Lovell discusses Taylor Swift and other celebrity-involved court litigation.

Provided legal analysis for entertainment story involving Pablo Escobar

Tre Lovell interviewed for Taylor Swift case

Tre Lovell Recognized As Top In His Industry By The Expert Network

Tre Lovell Joins Gloria Allred As Finalist In Lawyer Of The Year

Music Publishing Company Warner/Chappell Faces Lawsuit

Noted Songwriter Kent Harris Sues Music Publishing Giant

Forbes: Business Litigation Firm Tackles Blockbuster Cases

A & E Television Networks And Lifetime Movie Network Sued For Defamation By Daun Slagle For Falsely Portraying Her As A Prostitute In The Lifetime Original Movie “Happy Face Killer” About Serial Killer Keith Jesperson

Tre Lovell, Leading Los Angeles Litigator, Named To Elite Top 50 Litigation Trailblazers List

The Lovell Firm Wins National 2014 Litigator Award

3D Realms in legal battle over new game

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