Employers might take a page out of Starbucks’ book

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As you know, happy employees are the ones you can usually count on to stick around and to do a good job. It is largely the actions of employers and managers who create a welcoming work environment and improve employee satisfaction, cooperation and morale.

No matter how large or small your California business is, your policies and workplace climate can have a positive or negative impact on your workforce.

Recently, the government put new corporate tax cuts in place for U.S. businesses, as you may be aware. Many companies, including Apple, Walmart and Comcast, are passing these benefits on to their employees.

Starbucks is among those businesses that are putting employees first and using the tax cuts to improve their work and home lives. Starbucks officials announced recent changes employees can look forward to, which include the following:

  • Pay raises and company stock options
  • Paid sick time to take care of themselves or family members, starting in July
  • Up to six weeks of paid parental leave for non-birth parents

The Starbucks company has stated that the combined benefits focused on employees are worth over $250 million.

You are, of course, not obligated to apply the recent tax cuts toward employee benefits. If your business is small or just starting out, the tax cuts may be a welcome and much-needed boost to simply get you off the ground.

However, you might look at the example of Starbucks and other companies to promote a positive work environment. You could start by encouraging input from your employees and hosting seminars on workplace harmony and cooperation. You might hold company activities, such as picnics or fundraiser benefits, to encourage friendships among your employees.

The above examples, including Starbucks’ recent changes, are just a few ways you might begin to build a strong, loyal team, which can pay off by increasing your business’s success. No matter how you choose to apply your tax savings, the measure is sure to be a boost to business growth these upcoming years.