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Don't overlook these intellectual property law factors

Most business people in California and beyond want to maximize their assets whenever possible. Intellectual property law plays an important role regarding licensing and asset protection. However, unless an intellectual property owner understands the ins and outs of the licensing system, a well-intentioned action can actually do more harm than good. 

The Lovell Firm, representing clients in lawsuit against Oprah Winfrey, recently featured on The Wrap

Prominent attorney Tre Lovell is representing writing duo in their multi-million dollar lawsuit against Oprah Winfrey and others for claims of having stolen their ideas for the television show "Greenleaf." The lawsuit calls the actions of the defendants blatant and arrogant: "[T]hey didn't even seek to hide the theft; they used the same character names and copied verbatim unique and novel storylines, themes, subplots and the overall tone of the show. They even named their antagonist after Plaintiff Pastor Barrie (Pastor Basie in 'Greenleaf')." The lawsuit similarly notes that "creative theft, in Hollywood, has become a cottage industry."

Intellectual property law: How to protect trade secrets

Advanced technology, unstable economies and a fast-changing marketplace has made business in the modern world a highly competitive endeavor. With the convenience and speed that internet research and shopping provides comes tremendous challenges to product makers and business owners who must find ways to stay on top, especially when potential consumers can find hundreds, if not thousands of options in a matter of minutes. California business owners wanting to maximize productivity and profitability will also want to familiarize themselves with intellectual property law that helps protect trade secrets.

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