At The Lovell Firm, the majority of our business comes from referrals from satisfied clients. We take very seriously what our clients' say about our legal representation and their satisfaction in how we served their legal needs. Here's what some of our clients have said about our firm, our attorneys and staff:

"Best Lawyer in LA!!! Tre Lovell is very personable and an OUTSTANDING attorney!!!! He is very well educated and an expert in law. He has a proven track record of obtaining top recoveries for his clients and recognition in the legal community as one of the best attorneys in the Los Angeles area. He helped me tremendously with my legal case and I highly recommend him. Look no further, Tre is your guy!" Kawni G.

"Tre Lovell is one of the best lawyers I have come across. He has all the attributes of a great lawyer in being passionate, caring, smart, knowledgeable and dedicated to proper and fair results. I know first hand as I had the pleasure of litigating a case that the appellate courts consolidated where Tre represented Los Angeles clients and I represented San Francisco clients in a large international Ponzi scheme case. Tre proved himself time and again as a fearless and tireless advocate for his/our clients. Tre Lovell has my highest recommendation as a lawyer, and I have handled cases throughout the nation and worked with and against counsel throughout America." - Bryan V.

"I am extremely happy with Tre Lovell. He is an exceptional attorney and achieved results most lawyers can't. I recommend him very higly." Grace H.

"I have deal with many different law firms, But The Lovell Firm with out of doubt is the best. Very professional oriented, and tireless work to reach the goals of their clients. Tre Lovell, is a special human being, very knowledgeable and dedicated." Sal A.

"Tre Lovell is an amazing attorney, one who listens closely to your concerns, assesses the issues and explains, in simple terms, what direction he can and will take. Not only is he a sensitive and caring person, but he is always available for his clients and reaches out regularly with updates. Tre is one who puts a great deal of time, effort and commitment into making sure your case is moving in the right direction. His intelligence and love-for-facts gives him the edge and he is definitely the attorney you would want on your side. I highly recommend his firm." - Danielle R.

"Tre is an amazing and professional lawyer my case was finished in just 7 days." Luis G.

"Tre and his firm have been working diligently on my behalf for a number of years. I am very pleased with the results thus far, and appreciate his integrity and the confidence he exudes. Given the opportunity, I would highly recommend Tre/The Lovell Firm." Gabe D.

"The Lovell Firm has been helping us for years. Mr. Lovell is a professional, knowledgeable, hard working man, who commits his time to his clients. He is very dedicated and we are very happy for all his support." Rudy C.

"I have had a very positive experience working with Tre Lovell of The Lovell Firm. He has been very helpful and explains things in a way I can understand. We have been his main focus and he cares about us. Thank your Tre for your commitment to your clients." Judy F.

"I could not be happier with all the help and results from Tre Lovell. As part of a group of investors, I was so lucky to be represented by such talented, law knowledgeable, and human skilled person as Tre Lovell is. Tre Lovell, gave me and gave(us) all his support from the beginning, to the end. He kept us informed, and responded to all our questions during the process. I really liked how Tre Lovell listens, not just as an attorney, but as a human being. He was always in connection with all of us by having meetings in person, email or phone calls. Tre Lovell is a law aggressive attorney that ONLY acts to get you PAID. I wouldn't doubt in recommending Tre Lovell to represent you. Tre Lovell is the best of the best....stop looking." Maria Juana E.

"Tre is a man of his word .He tells it as it is. I am not only impressed with his work but more than that...I think he is genuinely honest and becomes truly involved in his clients and their delimmas. I fell it is not just a job for Tre but rather a passion to bring justice where it should be." Cheri V.

"Tre is an awesome attorney and an awesome person. He took on a class action suit that I am involved in that was going nowhere, he has already won a major victory, and he is still aggressively pursuing our case. Furthermore, throughout this process Tre has held regular meeting that he had to fly in for the day to attend, and he keeps us informed regularly with comprehensive updates. I think I can speak for everyone involved that we are very grateful that Tre agreed to take our case. I can not recommend him highly enough." Miles G.

"Because Tre is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in entertainment law, I retained him as an expert in a case involving royalties and back-end participation. Tre is a winner and I endorse him highly." Robert T.

"I'm proud to recommend Tre Lovell of the Lovell Law Firm because of the confidence he generates within me! His dedication to pursue every aspect of the case is assurance that nothing is being neglected, whether he's conducting a gathering of several people or informing via individual personal letter (email) you just can relax knowing this man is looking out for you in every way including courtroom procedures." Jerry D.

"Tre Lovell has shown perseverance in completing our case and has already succeeded in getting some of our money returned in this lawsuit." Francie B.

"Tre is a man of his word .He tells it as it is. I am not only impressed with his work but more than that...I think he is genuinely honest and becomes truly involved in his clients and their delimmas. I fell it is not just a job for Tre but rather a passion to bring justice where it should be." Cheri V.

"My experience has been a multi person lawsuit and Tre and his staff have been incredible the entire time. Down to earth compassionate and as professional and knowledgeable as you could ever hope to have representing you. His ability to convey the goings on so I can understand it have been wonderful and his tenacity to pursue what is right is refreshing in this otherwise greedy world today. Thank you to the Lovell Firm." Don J.

"I have known Tre for years and have referred people to him. He always does a great job and devotes himself to his craft and his clients. I would never hesitate to refer to Tre." Robert G.

"Tre has provided outstanding service to his clients in a large scale, international litigation case, which I am also involved with. He is exceptionally zealous and advocates strongly for his clients. I highly recommend Tre as legal counsel." David R.

"I have worked with Tre Lovell on several matters, and find him to be a bright, creative and diligent lawyer who is persistent in his effort to meet his client's objective." Scott B.

"Tre Lovell is a fine lawyer. I would not hesitate to refer any client to him." Alex C.

"Tre Lovell is not only an expert attorney, he's a great person. I appreciate too much his professional advice. I'll work with him whenever I need his professional service." - Sylvia M.

"I am very impressed with Tre and am very confident in recommending him. After mixed lackluster results with previous representation, Tre made progress and got results from the beginning and is eagerly engaged in complex difficult litigation that previous lawyers were reluctant to engage in. I highly recommend Tre." - Alan B.

"Tre Lovell, of The Lovell Firm, has served as corporate counsel for our company for many years on a variety of legal matters and lastly represented our company in a complex construction related arbitration case involving breach of contract by a General Contractor. Despite our opponent being represented by a major law firm specializing in construction litigation, the arbitrator ultimately found in our favor that resulted in a large award to us due to Tre's legal expertise. Tre and I worked closely together to secure our advantage. He was always accessible, returning calls promptly, organized with a clear picture of the specifics of our case, and most importantly, a through understanding of the relevant laws and code sections. Tre is simply a pleasure to work with and trusted advisor to our business. He appreciates the importance of putting our company in the best position to resolve disputes and reduce the disruption to our business and employees. This quality work is performed at a cost that is reasonable and significantly less than the big law firms." - Cari C.

"Tre Lovell has worked tirelessly for us, a very large group of plaintiffs who were betrayed by a former legal counselor. When I first met Tre in December 2009, I was struck by his attentiveness, his near immediate assessment of our situation, and his warmth. Tre is an attorney that is trustworthy, dedicated, brilliant, yet humble (humble unless you are in opposition to those he is defending!). His communication with us is comprehensive, realistic and is easily understood by lay persons. He cares deeply and is very committed to securing justice for injustice. I highly recommend his firm and am confident that you will find his legal support exemplary." - Kathy A.

"Tre is an aggressive, result-driven attorney. I highly recommend his services, especially on cases involving out-of-the-box thinking and strategizing." - Vasko A.

"I am happy to give a recommendation for Tre Lovell. My husband and I are part of a large plaintiff group that he represents. I have been so impressed with the personable relationship he has for his clients. He has worked tirelessly in our behalf and has great skill in his attention to detail. He has been wonderful at communicating the details to our group and working aggressively in our behalf. I would highly recommend him and have great faith in his ability to bring justice to our situation." - Susan L.

"Tre Lovell is thorough and leaves no rock unturned. I am part of a group litigation case and though the process has been tedious, Tre continues to strive for a positive outcome for us all. He gives a personal touch to his cases." - Rosemarie T.

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Carl "Tre" Lovell to anyone who has an important case that they have to win! Tre represented myself and other key executives in a very emotional employer vs. employee case with grace and competency and got me an outstanding result: every dime that was owed to me, including significant damages and interest! He was tough when he needed to be and worked well with opposing counsel, which undoubtedly was critical in getting me my Judgment and eventually paid in full." - Tim B.

"Not only does Tre possess the highest ethical standards of our profession, he is an extremely tough litigator who will not back down. I endorse him highly." - Dawson C.